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2 Flipgrid Projects I Am Excited To Pursue

Last Spring I embarked on a project that I coined as a Flipcast. Using Flipgrid essentially to create a form of a Podcast or blog. I really had no clue where it was going to end up. I did know I wanted to stop coming up with excuses not to try something I have been wanting to do for a while. After some work on it all, we decided to take the summer months off as we formulated a concrete plan on what we wanted to accomplish.

Starting in a couple weeks the #EdtechDaily Flipcast will start up again. My fellow TCEA board member and friend Charlotte Dolat and I sat down at #ISTE17 and talked about the big picture. In the end we both really wanted to find a way to champion the causes of educators everywhere. We wanted to provide another avenue for educators to share their passions, projects, crazy ideas, and much more. We want the Flipcast to be 365 days of everything good in education today! We all know teachers work hard, and we want to help them have a place where they can share that hard work.

The goal is to have 365 interview or showcase topics that focus on what educators care most about - Learning. But we need your help! We need suggestions for topics of interest as well as nominations of educators that you want to hear from. We can't do this without your help. Please fill out this form if you have any suggestions, nominations, or if you have a cause that you want to have showcased here. If you have a great lesson idea, see something amazing that you just want to share, or anything else that comes to mind from an educational standpoint, please let us know. The best part is these interviews or highlights can be done whenever it is convenient for everyone involved.

We will also keep the TechTool Tuesday grid topic open and will add it to it weekly. We also invite anyone that wants to share their favorite tool to do so, and will provide more details within the topic description. Charlotte will continue her work with the Wednesday Wonders as well where she celebrates the many wonders that are found across the country in and out of the classroom. We will also welcome any topic suggestions that you may have for Wednesday Wonders highlights. 

Ok, I am really not sure how the StudentVoice grid had not been taken when I grabbed it! I am beyond excited about the potential for what this project could look like, but I would love to have some help. The dream is that the StudentVoice grid would be truly about students voicing their thoughts on education. In my mind I envision students from all over the world, discussing topics related to learning and what they feel is important as they prepare for the world.

With that said, I also really want this grid to be about STUDENT VOICE so in reality I hope that students are able to make this grid whatever it is that they want to see it become. What I am hoping could happen, is that we can find a handful of students that want to collaborate and share their thoughts on what this grid should become. I am looking for some rockstar students that are passionate about making an impact on education today. If you know some teachers or students that would like to work on this project, please have them fill out this form. We will then work on finding some times to meet virtually to discuss this project.

Do you see any potential in these projects? Do you have an interest in becoming involved in some way? Please contact me here or via Twitter at @J_Bimmerle. I would love to hear from you soon!


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