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August 10th #GlobalBash

Some of you may have heard about a little tech tool called Flipgrid lately. If you were at #ISTE17 you might have heard that a vendor booth was asked by event staff to make less noise, because they were having a little too much fun with a Claudio Zavala specialty called #Singasong. I am also guessing a few of you have seen the badge listed above for #FlipgridCertified educator status. And many of you that are reading this are probably a #FlipgridAmbassador or hope to be one sometime soon! Well let's discuss another little phenomenon that will be taking place on August 10th celebrating exciting new back to school updates in Flipgrid.com.

At 7:00 PM CDT at the Flipgrid headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota a few hundred educators from across the globe will be in attendance as Flipgrid launches several exciting new features that are sure to excite users. For those of us who are not lucky enough to attend this event in Minnesota, something special is still going to be available. Flipgrid ambassadors from throughout the country are planning live local meet and greets and we want you to join us for the fun. Starting at 6:00 PM CDT at each of these locations educators will come together to share ideas and strategies for using Flipgrid to engage all stakeholders of your school community.

As of posting of this article events have been created in 9 cities and more are sure to be added. What started as a simple idea to have a few meet and greets, quickly turned into what makes Flipgrid so popular. The community of educators using Flipgrid is passionate about learning. Taking a simple idea, the Flipgrid community quickly joined forces to create what will be an amazing learning event throughout the world.

Users have found that the company stands arm and arm with its users. Often engaging users immediately through Twitter and other avenues, the Flipgrid staff continues to amaze us all with their passion for students and learning. To say the Flipgrid community is unique would be an understatement. Users are passionately working together to build a professional learning family that is all inclusive. Every day users are working side by side to help other educators earn the #FlipgridCertified and Flipgrid Builder badges. These same efforts came to life with the idea of the #GlobalBash project.

So if you live close enough to join a face to face meetup, plan on arriving at 6:00 PM and share the great ideas you have for making student learning amazing. We all know it is about the learning, not the tool, but we are excited to share and compare as we meet other passionate educators in our areas. Starting at 6:30 each of the venues will work to connect virtually to share their best ideas with the world. All of this will of course lead into the news from Flipgrid HQ, and based on a sneak preview it is safe to say YOU WILL LOVE WHAT'S COMING.

And for those of you not close enough to a live event, have no fear, each of the venues will share their ideas on the Flipgrid Global Bash grid found here flipgrid.com/globalbash2017. Or better yet, do you know a few passionate educators who want to join in the Flipgrid buzz. Create your own local viewing party and invite your friends. We all know that watching the news with friends can make it a lot more fun. 


Minneapolis, MN

Event location: Flipgrid HQ

Event details: Register to attend our launch event in person!

Dallas / Fort Worth area

Event location: TBD

Event chair: Tisha Poncio (Tishaponcio@celinaisd.com)

Los Angeles area

Event location: TBD

Event chair: Brandi Miller (bmiller@rowlandschools.org )

New Jersey

Event location: TBD

Event chair: Bonnie Weinstein (bonniew214@gmail.com)


Event location: TBD

Event chair: Kali Alford (technitkali@gmail.com)


Event location: TBD

Event chair: Holly Holland (Holly.Holland@sdhc.k12.fl.us)

Long Island

Event location: TBD

Event chair: Bonnie McClelland (bmcclelland@farmingdaleschools.org)


Event location: TBD

Event chair: Shaina Glass (snglass@aldineisd.org)


Event location: TBD

Event chair: Lisa Scumpieru (FichtLis@wcps.k12.md.us)


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