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FlipGrid Surf Parties

August 1st is #FlipgridLive - Check out the official Flipgrid Blog post for more details.  

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to attend live, in Minnesota, but for those of you that cannot, we might just have an option for you!

Check out the full list below to see if there is a local viewing party near you! If not, consider hosting one, and we will add you to the list!   DM me on Twitter for details @J_Bimmerle

A Surf Party is any local gathering of educators, they can be detailed, or very simple. Why attend or host a party?  

When educators come together, conversations are had and ideas are shared. When this happens powerful learning ideas come to life, and in the end STUDENTS WIN! 

Confirmed Party Sites - Check back as more will be added soon!

City/ State: Coral Bay, Paphos Cyprus

Host: Aaron Vallance

Event Location: Coming soon

Sign up: Coming Soon 

City/ State: Bakersfield, California

Hosts: Katie McNamara

Event Location: Bakersfield, CA - Contact Katie for specific location

Sign up: Coming Soon  

City/ State: Oceanside, California 

Host: Susan Acosta 

Event Location: 1999 California Street, California, CA 92054 

Start Time: 4:45 Pacific Time    

Sign up: Coming Soon 

City/ State: Tampa, Florida

Hosts: Holly Holland and Daniel Brennick

Event Location: Armature Works – 1910 N OLA Ave, Tampa, Florida 33602

Start Time: 5:30 PM EST 

Sign up: Click here for sign up

City/ State: Northern Virginia/ Washington DC

Hosts: Theresa Ducassoux and Margaret Sisler

Event Location: Siena RL – 5127 Westfields Boulevard Centreville, VA 20120

Sign up: Click here for Sign up

City/ State: Bastrop, Texas

Hosts: Susanne Scoggins

Event Location: Bastrop, Texas

Sign up: Coming Soon


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