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"Let us move forward with boldness and not retreat back into the comforts of the past." - David March

Innovative Teaching and Learning

Is public education today doing all it can to meet student needs. I am often critical of the state of our education system, but I know that teachers and administrators have the best of intentions. We can blame standardized testing and a slew of other issues, but the reality is we MUST fix whatever problems we may feel are present.

Dave and Shelley Burgess in "Teach Like a Pirate," address a topic that I have agreed with for many years. The image below sums it up better than anything I can say.

Just think about this for a few minutes. Businesses or "the real world" have to fight daily to stay alive and relevant in the marketplace. Some companies are more successful than others, and some survive despite poor practices, but the reality is they have to have a product that meets customer needs, or they will surely fail.

Despite good intentions, I think most of us would agree that education is often too slow when it comes to making meaningful changes.

Would education look different today if we approached our work with the idea that we have to EARN our customers, or students?

Can we learn from the world around us? Can we become more innovative in what we do in order to stay relevant for our students? Can we continue to adapt like Starbucks has over the years. They have had their share of controversies, but have survived by creating a brand that understands customer interests. Or will we look more like BlockBuster, a company that did a lot of things right, but in the end, just didn't read the market well enough to give customers what they wanted.

I am a big fan of the book, "The Innovators Mindset" by George Couros. If you are looking for an added spark to your thought process I would highly recommend you take a look. He does a great job of painting the picture of how simple changes in approach go a long way toward staying relevant in your pursuit of nurturing the love of learning in your students and teachers. 


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