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Free Microsoft Tools Everyone Should Know About

Explore these Microsoft tools for education; Office Sway, Video Recording in PowerPoint, Skype in the Classroom, Bing in the Classroom, Learning Tools (Immersive Reader), Photos Companion App, Photos App Video Creation, Mixed Reality Portal, OneNote Class/Staff Notebooks, Translator App, Paint 3D, and Teams.  This is a surface level look at what is available within Office 365 and Windows.

Learning Tools (Immersive Reader)

Creating a collaborative, inclusive classroom has many moving parts and pieces—and finding the right balance can be challenging. As a special education teacher, I am constantly on the hunt for technology and tools that give students with disabilities an environment that is personalized, differentiated and yet as close to their peers’ experience as possible. I have been an itinerant teacher, a distance education math teacher at a residential school and currently a resource room teacher—without the resource room. One goal of an inclusive classroom is to have all students working and collaborating throughout the day as much as possible, which takes planning, tools and creativity. When I work with my students and determine how to meet their needs, I think a lot about their accommodations rather than their modifications. The outcomes for a student can have a very dramatic effect on their learning.

Photos Companion App

Automatically get all the stuff you love on your Windows 10 PC to your phone or tablet – even Android, iPhone, and iPad! The Phone Companion app will help you set things up so you never need to plug your phone or tablet into your PC again. Your music, photos, Word documents and Cortana reminders will be with you, whether you’re at your desk or out and about. It’s all of your stuff, on all of your devices. 

Microsoft Translator

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