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Necessity is the key to effective technology integration

Necessity remains the key to effective technology integration

Having spent the last two weeks at technology conferences, TCEA in Austin and NCCE in Seattle, it's clear technology integration has moved beyond basic how-to style sessions on the next cool tool.  The need to prepare students for a future that does not yet exist has been heavily discussed.  Arguments can be made about the slow pace of change in education, but an important shift is taking place when it comes to educational technology.

Technology integration is not the primary goal, disruption of traditional practices instead has become the focus.  What has been clear for years is that until strong instructional strategies and practices are in place, technology integration will be ineffective and possibly detrimental to improved student performance.

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Written for the TCEA Tech Take quarterly article in the TASA Insight magazine.  Each quarter TCEA submits an article with a scholarly tone regarding technology in education.  

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Spring of 2018


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